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Dr. Makhoul is pleased to welcome patients from Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Ladera Ranch, Laguna Hills and of course all the other acommunities of Orange County and Southern California.

"You and everyone on your team are all about integrity and excellence and you have lived up to the trust I put in you. I love my new smile and how everyone compliments me on it. What you did for my teeth allows me to enjoy a better quality of life. Now I look forward to my regular cleanings because Yolanda is the best hygienist I’ve ever had."

Robert J, San Juan Capistrano


"I have been a patient of Dr. Makhoul since 1983. He is legendary for providing the most gentle dental care, but beyond that, he is a perfectionist and his work is flawless. Dr. Makhoul studies and masters each new technique and will settle for nothing less than the best for his patients."

Debbie K, San Clemente


"Dr. Makhoul is the best dentist in the world because he is pain-free, gentle, extremely competent, has the best staff, and is truly a nice guy. This may seem over the top but it is how I feel. He is the best dentist I’ve ever been to. My family of 6 go to him and I am confident that you will like him."

Trish G, Foothill Ranch


"I grew up in a small village in Mexico with dentists in my family. They were nice and friendly, but the screams coming from their offices made me avoid seeing a dentist my whole life. Then I saw Dr. Makhoul being interviewed on TV and he inspired my trust. I knew it was time for me to see a dentist, and Dr. Makhoul was kind, professional and super-gentle. Thank you, Dr. Makhoul, for turning me into a regular, long-term patient with no more fear of the dental chair."

Gabriel N, Mexico

"I love my new smile and the freedom I now feel to smile broadly and often. It was a very long and tedious process, but one explained thoroughly by Dr. Makhoul so that I knew what to expect every step of the way. Once the work began, Dr. Makhoul made it as comfortable and painless as possible. He was very gentle and aware of even minor discomfort, and as particular about the aesthetic results as he was about the technical results. Even though I have moved out of the area, I will continue to work with Dr. Makhoul. I highly recommend him for both Cosmetic and standard dental work."

Elizabeth B, Long Beach

"I do not like going to the dentist. My anxiety is high. When it came to the point I needed more than routine dentistry, Dr. Makhoul helped me get through the process. His years of experience, dedication, and passion for dentistry got me through the crowns, root canals, and gum surgery I needed. His team including all of his office and referrals of doctors were without a doubt the most professional and sensitive to my particular needs. His calm manner and a good sense of humor make going through this process a little more comfortable, feeling that I am not doing this alone. Dr. Makhoul made my outgoing personality even bigger with the complete confidence of a perfect smile. I don't know how I can ever repay his kind gestures, guidance, and true ability to make someone smile. Thank you!"

Joe P, San Clemente

 "When I found out I needed a Root canal treatment I got so scared I cried. So I waited to schedule until I couldn't handle the pain anymore. And when I came to the appointment I was terrified because of my previous experience with my old dentist. And when you told me that the treatment wasn't gonna hurt I thought you were nuts. But I gotta tell you, Dr. Makhoul, you were absolutely right. I didn't even feel the shot-how do you do that? I can't believe that I actually fell asleep during a root canal. Nobody believed me when I told them, but you made a believer out of me. You got me for life!" 

Marcy, Mission Viejo

 "I've been in Laguna Niguel 9 years, and in 9 years I've been to 9 different dentists. Dr. Makhoul, You are the first one who truly listened and figured out exactly what I had in mind. Thank you for a beautiful smile-you are a true artist and by the way a good psychologist too."

Evelyn, Laguna Niguel

 "Dear Dr. Makhoul, there are no words to describe how elated and ecstatic I feel. You have given me a reason to live. I suffered all my life from my ugly teeth and everybody around me used to wonder why I never smiled and tried to avoid all the family functions and the neighborhood socials. People thought that I was conceded and rude. They had no idea I was so embarrassed that my teeth were falling out of my mouth because I was too scared to go to the dentist. Now I don't stop talking and smiling and enjoying food again. I stopped smoking and lost weight. Everyone knows my story now-life is great. I cannot thank you enough. You are definitely worth the drive." 

Sally Y, Oceanside

"Hey Dr. M, guess what? I got the part! You can watch me every day on CBS @ noon. Thank you for making them so natural looking. No one can tell that I had any Cosmetic dentistry done. I love my teeth. A special thanks to the staff." 

Heather, Hollywood

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