When Is a Root Canal Necessary?

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Root CanalWhen a dentist mentions “root canal,” patients automatically get a little tense. But with Dr. Makhoul’s years of experience in endodontic procedures, like root canals, there is no reason to fear the procedure.

Many of the rumors that circulate about root canals are based on outdated processes and fear of pain. However, with advances in modern technology and the thirty-two years of experience of Dr. Makhoul, you have nothing to fear from this routine dental procedure.

Root canals are a way to remove infected or decayed tissue from beneath your tooth and restore your tooth to its full health and function. The pain associated with root canals actually comes from the pain of having an infected tooth. The root canal will alleviate that pain. Take our quiz to find out if a root canal is right for you. 

During a root canal, Dr. Makhoul will extract damaged tissue from the tooth root. Then he will fill the access point in your tooth and strengthen your tooth with either dental filling material or a full crown. 

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