Three Important Benefits Offered by White Fillings

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Laguna Niguel White Fillings | Tooth Colored Fillings Mission ViejoTooth-colored fillings are less noticeable than their metal alternatives. This alone is reason enough for some people to prefer white fillings over the traditional amalgam option. However, aesthetics aside, there are very good reasons to prefer tooth-colored fillings – reasons good enough to have prompted Laguna Niguel family dentist Dr. E.M. Makhoul to only offer this type of restoration.

Problems With Metal Fillings

Metal fillings cannot be bonded to the surface of teeth. To place amalgams, a large cavity must first be drilled. This process further compromises the structure of teeth impacted by decay.

When metal fillings are packed into a newly created cavity, they expand to fill the space. Temperature fluctuations in the mouth will, however, allow continuous expansion and contraction of these fillings, which may eventually allow them to fall out or, worse yet, crack and break the teeth they are intended to protect.

Amalgam fillings contain mercury. Mercury is a chemical element that is toxic to humans. While there is conflicting research as to how much mercury vapor is released from metal fillings, the concern is high enough that the FDA recommends not placing them in children or pregnant women.

Metal fillings have been the industry standard for years and remain popular as a cheap alternative to resin and porcelain options. However, their potential for damage and harm to both the teeth and the body make them a poor solution for our patients.

Benefits offered by Tooth-Colored Fillings

The benefits offered by white fillings become obvious when compared to traditional metal amalgams. Three of the most impressive are:

  • Preservation – white fillings do not require large cavities be drilled before they are placed, this enables Dr. Makhoul to preserve more of your healthy enamel
  • Reliability – bonded to the surface of teeth, tooth-colored fillings will not come loose or fall out, and pose no risk of cracking or breaking the teeth they protect
  • Nontoxicity – white fillings are made of safe and nontoxic composite resins or high-quality porcelain. Even on bite surfaces, tooth-colored fillings will not erode and off-gas like metal fillings and, even if they did, those particulates would not contain mercury

Safer, more reliable, and much more attractive, white fillings enjoy several advantages over metal options. Because the health, safety, and happiness of all of our patients is important, we only offer tooth-colored fillings at our Mission Viejo family dentistry office. During your initial consultation, we would be happy to discuss our mercury-free dentistry practice and provide you with additional information on the benefits offered by tooth-colored restorations.

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