Is Sedation Necessary for a Root Canal?

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Is sedation necessary for a root canal? That depends entirely on your needs. Call Mission Viejo family dentist Dr. E.M. Makhoul at 949-596-0296 to learn moreThe words “you need a root canal” can be very frightening to hear. Not because a root canal is painful or incredibly invasive, but because popular culture tends to reference the procedure only in the most negative ways. However, while, “I’d rather have a root canal,” may be heard when discussing either/or situations, the procedure is no more invasive or painful than a standard dental filling. This fact is likely small comfort for those already dealing with increased anxiety surrounding dental visits.

Mission Viejo sedation dentist Dr. E.M. Makhoul understands that the experience of each patient is entirely unique. If you struggle with anxiety or fear when considering dental care, reassurance of comfort may be inadequate. In these instances, Dr. Makhoul often suggests sedation dentistry, a safe and effective way to achieve optimal relaxation before and during your root canal procedure. If you believe you could benefit from this service, we would be happy to discuss your options in greater detail during your root canal consultation.

Is sedation dentistry necessary for a root canal? That depends entirely on your comfort level. At our Mission Viejo office, we tailor each service to meet the needs of individual patients. Some may feel comfortable undergoing root canal therapy with a topical anesthetic alone. Others may benefit from one of the sedation dentistry options provided by Dr. Makhoul. No matter which camp you fall into, we welcome an opportunity to meet with you and discuss your needs, and to provide you with the dental services necessary to protect and perfect your smile for years to come.

If you suspect you need a root canal, please contact Makhoul Dentistry today. Located in Mission Viejo, Dr. Makhoul provides sedation dentistry and endodontic therapy for men and women living in Laguna Niguel and all surrounding areas of California.