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Free Invisalign® Consultation

Now through August 31st, Dr. E.M. Makhoul is offering free Invisalign® consultations to adults and teens in Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel, and surrounding areas of California. That’s a savings of $119 – and all you need to do is call 949-596-0296 to schedule your appointment and take advantage of this summertime Invisalign® special.

Take Advantage of our Free Invisalign Consultation!

There is still time left to call 949-596-0296 and schedule your free Invisalign® consultation with Mission Viejo orthodontist Dr. E.M. Makhoul. That’s a savings of nearly $120, but the special is only available through June. Call us today to schedule your free consultation and learn how this short-term orthodontic solution can perfect and strengthen your smile for a lifetime.

Benefits of Invisalign

Short-Term Orthodontics

Did you know that traditional braces can take up to three years to fully correct malocclusion in adult mouths? While wire-and-bracket options are ideal for teenagers, this method of bite correction is often cumbersome and lengthy once jawbone has hardened. This factor alone steers some adult patients away from orthodontics. But what if there was a short-term orthodontic solution that could straighten your smile in a fraction of the time?


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