Nothing is more upsetting to a teenager or adult than crooked or stained teeth. Dr. Makhoul offers new cosmetic methods like Invisalign Clear Braces, cosmetic white braces, Six Month Smiles, veneers, etc. that can improve your appearance and self confidence.

When your child has progressed beyond the point of Children Dentistry (Ages 6 to 12), Dr. Makhoul also offers services for teens and young adults. To schedule an appointment at our Mission Viejo office, please call (949) 364-3724.

Dental Health Priorities for Teens

For teenagers and young adults, this is the most vulnerable time for cavities in permanent teeth and gingivitis, which causes bad breath and tooth loss. This time period is notorious for developing the clenching/grinding habit, which, if realized and caught early, could be treated easily before causing too much damage.

Adult Dental Services in Mission ViejoIt is also important for us to check the growth of wisdom teeth to prevent unnecessary pain and infection and their effect on the other permanent teeth to insure proper aesthetics and prevent the need for involved treatments.

Dental Health Priorities for Adults

Regarding age 30 and older, the most common disease to prevent or treat is periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is more common than the common cold. Many people don't know they have this disease until it is too late. This disease has been found to play a role in heart disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, among others. Of course it is the biggest cause of tooth loss and a major contributor to the premature aged look.

Fortunately it is easily preventable with regular visits to the dentist's and easily and very comfortably treated in its early stage.

Dr. Makhoul recommends seeing his adolescent and adult patients at least every six months or as needed. Prevention is key from here on.

Your First Visit

The most important objective for Dr Makhoul, beside providing you with sound, expert dental care, is to make your visits extremely comfortable and pleasant. And if we start this theme with your very first visit, you will feel that going to the dentist's does not have to be such an ordeal, and you will be more encouraged to take good care of your mouth as needed.

We realize that some patients are more nervous than others and we try our best to alleviate any fear you might have by incorporating, in addition to our gentle touch, nitrous oxide or possibly Sedation Dentistry if you wish, so that we may eliminate all the barriers which could keep you from comfortably receiving the dental care you need. Of course we also offer music headphones, pillows, blankets, and you may also bring your own music with you.

We will do our utmost to facilitate your journey to reach and maintain optimum dental health. To find out more about our Family Dentistry services, please call (949) 364-3724 

Dr. Makhoul is pleased to welcome patients from Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Ladera Ranch, Laguna Hills and of course all the other areas of Orange County and Southern California.

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