Sedation Dentistry

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If you have been avoiding the dentist because of fear and anxiety, Dr. E. M. Makhoul has a solution to help you remain calm and comfortable during your dental treatment.  “Conscious sedation” dentistry allows you to enter a state of deep relaxation while Dr. Makhoul performs your dental treatment. 

Relax with Sedation Dentistry at our Mission Viejo office

Free from Anxiety

Conscious sedation (often called sleep dentistry) may be the right choice for you, if you identify with any of the following:

  • You fall somewhere between a little afraid to terrified of getting dental care.
  • You gag easily so you avoid dental visits altogether.
  • You are uncomfortable with keeping your mouth open as long as is needed for dental work.
  • The sounds and smells of a dental office make you feel nervous and anxious.
  • You are too busy for multiple dental appointments.

Call (949) 596-0296  to arrange your sedation dentistry consultation. We are here to give you the red carpet treatment you deserve from your dental care. If you've been putting off years of dental work, Dr. Makhoul's conscious sedation dentistry will change your life!

Gentle Dental Care

When it comes to eliminating pain and anxiety, no other technique comes close to conscious sedation. Imagine being able to accomplish all your dental care in as little as one or two relaxing appointments.

Patient review for root canal dentist Dr Makhoul in Mission Viejo

At Makhoul Dentistry in Mission Viejo, we understand that your fear of the dentist may have kept from seeking treatment. It doesn't matter how long it's been since your last dental exam. We've handled many different cases of dental anxiety. We can help you!

Are you ready to experience gentle dentistry with sedation? Please contact the office of E. M. Makhoul, DDS, online or call (949) 596-0296  to schedule your consultation.

Dr. Makhoul is pleased to help anxious patients in and around Mission Viejo, Laguna Hills, and other communities in the Orange County area.