Children’s Dentist (Ages 6 to 12)

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Children's Dentist in Laguna Hills - Dr Makhoul (painless dentistry)

A healthy smile begins with regular dental checkups and establishing a good dental hygiene routine at an early age. At Makhoul Dentistry in Mission Viejo, Dr. E. M. Makhoul welcomes children to our family dentistry practice.

He understands the apprehension that some children may have in visiting the dentist. As a boy, he experienced an upsetting dental visit that inspired him to become “the gentlest dentist in the world.” Today, he helps hundreds of patients throughout Laguna Niguel and Mission Viejo achieve their healthiest smiles.

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When to Bring Your Child to the Dentist

Our adult patients often ask when to start bringing their children in for checkups and dental cleanings. Around age six, children begin to loose their primary teeth, and their first permanent molars usually erupt between five and six years old.

At this age, we can treat your child’s permanent teeth with dental sealants to help prevent tooth decay. Regular cleanings and fluoride treatments are encouraged. You can also help protect the health of their developing smile by encouraging your child to brush and floss as part of their daily routine.

Your Child’s First Dental Appointment

At the first visit, our goal is to make your child comfortable at our office and with our team. Your child will have a cleaning, exam, and X-rays done while we take extra time to explain each step. We will make your child comfortable and most importantly, we'll make it fun!!

If you are looking for a fun and comfortable place to bring your children for their next dental visit, we encourage you to choose us. Please contact the office of E. M. Makhoul, DDS, online or call (949) 596-0296  to schedule your consultation.

Dr. Makhoul welcomes pediatric patients from in and around Mission Viejo, Laguna Hills, and other communities in the Orange County area.